Our Estheticians





Tarren Brooks is the new and inspiring Esthetician at In-Symmetry. She believes skincare involves working from the inside out, starting with a healthy nutrition and a balanced life style. She’s very interested and passionate about nutrition, loves eating vegan, and caring for the body from within. Also certified in Reiki, Tarren has a very calm and welcoming energy, with a soothing voice and tender hands she’s ready to take you to your next level of beauty! Your skin will glow with a new energy!
Tarren’s hours are Tuesday 12pm-8pm, Wednesday 3pm-9pm, Thursday 12pm-8pm, Friday 9am-3pm, Saturday 3pm-9pm.



Tuesday Cohen



Tuesday started her career in Hollywood as a Makeup Artist in Film & Video, while painting a doing art on the side. Her love of beauty started as a teenager designing brows and making sure everyone washed their faces! While the industry was fun there were too many makeup artists and she found herself limited, as well as tired of the glamorous Hollywood life. Thus, the chance to move to a S.F., where she ditched the heels and got her first skincare sales job! Working with both chemically and naturally derived lines such as Aveda, Murad, Zia, Alba, as well as learning waxing techniques.
Tuesday has been in the beauty industry for 15+ years and Esthetician for two years. She believes in a holistic approach to skin with ingredients that are results driven.
Tuesday’s hours are Monday 1:15pm-9pm, and Saturday 3pm-9pm.