Our Estheticians

Tuesday Cohen


Tuesday Cohen is a licensed esthetician with a passion for skincare. A veteran of the beauty business, her results-driven techniques and attention to detail have fostered a cult following in both Hollywood and San Francisco. Her holistic approach targets specific skin conditions such as acne, with a focus on supplying a custom skincare routine, depending upon the client’s needs. A recent graduate of the San Francisco School of Massage, she believes massage is a core component of skincare and incorporates lymph facial massage, pressure point and deep tissue neck and shoulder techniques for blood flow. She also has expertise in many different types of hard wax from her pursuit of the least painful waxing methods for facial hair and bikini area. A professional development enthusiast, she is always researching the latest in skincare, whether it is taking a master class on rosacea or creating custom small-batch products with natural ingredients. With 20+ years in the beauty/skincare industry under her belt, Tuesday is not only knowledgeable, but also listens to her client’s concerns, advising on the importance of a calming and therapeutic skincare ritual.

Tuesday’s hours are Sunday: 1pm-9pm, Monday: 1:15pm-9pm, Thursday 3pm-9pm, Friday: 1pm-9pm, and Saturday: 1:30pm-9pm.

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Elizabeth/Liz (either one works) has always had a passion for skincare. With 7 years experience she has learned the ins and outs of a successful treatment plan and home care regimen. Through each facial she strives to give her clients the results they are seeking with custom treatments designed to efficiently clean and refresh the skin while promoting deep relaxation. Every facial is customized towards her clients skincare concerns in order to achieve better confidence for home care and longevity. Over the last few years, Liz has also developed a talent for quick waxing and specializes in nervous and first-time waxing clients.